Top 10 Photography Apps for Android/iOS

Posted on Mar 30 2015 - 10:15am by Eric Tompkins

Top 10 Photography Apps

Top 10 Photography Apps for Android/iOS


Create great photos with your mobile device using these great apps:

iOS/Android/Windows; free
The most popular photo-sharing app, and a more powerful creative tool than many realise. You can choose from its preset filters, but try diving deeper and adjusting your shots’ tone, warmth, shadows and other attributes.

Android; free
It’s coming to iOS soon, but for now this clever app is Android-only. Its schtick is automatic composition: detecting faces and other key attributes in view, and using that data to guide the shot. It really does work well.

iOS; 7.99
This could be in the art category, since it includes painting and drawing features. But Pixelmator’s strength is as much about editing your own photographs, adding text, frames, and using one-tap image-improving tools.

iOS/Android; free
The name says it all. Frontback takes two pictures when you tap the shutter: one using the front camera on your smartphone, the other using the back camera. It then puts them into one image for sharing.

iOS; 2.99
Another editing app, which walks the line between accessibility and complexity perfectly. It has a range of tools for gussying up your snaps, including overlaying one on another, with a view towards social sharing.

Camera Awesome
iOS/Android; freemium
Hats off to developer SmugMug for coming up with a feature named “Awesomize” – a one-tap process to improve your photo. But it has plenty of smarts beyond that, with filters and presets available.

iOS/Android; freemium
VSCO Cam is one of the most established mobile apps: a powerful replacement for the default camera app on your device, with tools to capture shots in the styles you prefer, and a gallery of inspiration from other snappers.

iOS/Android/Windows; 2.99
The idea of a dedicated selfie editor will send many people running for the hills, but Facetune isn’t just for digital narcissists. It’s good for tweaking any portrait shot. You can even remove grey hairs.

iOS; free
A number of apps help you to create double exposures. Dubble’s twist is that it helps you do it with random strangers around the world. It sounds like a novelty, but the results are frequently rather wonderful.

iOS/Android; free
Visual sharing site Pinterest isn’t just about photography, but the ability to post new “pins” from your phone using its camera is one of its best features. If you thrive on spotting beautiful things, create a board and try it.

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