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Posted on Oct 27 2014 - 10:38am by Eric Tompkins

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Offshore file hosting with

Looking for an offshore file hosting alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft Cloud file hosting? may be your solution.

Hubic, whose cloud sync platform is based in France, is proud to proclaim that they “do not fall under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Patriot Act.”

Beyond the potential privacy options of offshore file hosting they offer, Hubic also offers very generous pricing options. Those who don’t want to pay for an account are still treated to 25GB of no-charge, synchronized storage. Paid plans start at $1.36 per month for 100GB — and you can snag a full 10TB for just $13.62. None of the Big Three come close to that. A 100GB SkyDrive goes for $50 per year — not bad, but still a lot more than Hubic. Dropbox’s 100GB plan costs seven times as much. Only Google gets close to 10TB of space, but 8TB will set you back a whopping $400 per month.

Hubic lacks some features that you might miss if you make the switch: selective synchronization, for example. They do offer apps for all major platforms — Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and even BlackBerry. They are also in beta testing for a new Linux app right now.

For the price, Hubic offers a solid, basic cloud sync and storage product. The fact that they’re protected by France’s more stringent privacy laws and outside the NSA’s grasp is a nice bonus for privacy-minded folks. There may not be a cloud hosting provider that’s actually outside the NSA’s reach, but you’re probably more comfortable taking a chance with Hubic than you are with, say, a provider like Tencent that’s under the watchful eye of the Chinese government.

So if you have been a little weary of where to store your files with the many privacy and data breaches lately, give a try.

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