Newbie Guide: Affiliate Marketing Brain Dump

Posted on Nov 6 2017 - 2:43pm by Eric Tompkins

In this video, I will walk you through the stuff you will need to get familiar with to begin affiliate marketing. Hope it is useful to you and as always subscribe and comment for more great info.

Topics Included In Video:

*Web Hosting Account

*Purchase domains – Domain name related to your niche – Own your niche

*Learn WordPress cause its free

*Bitly Account

*Canva for image editing

*Free photo stock

*Use iWriter and freelancers for high-quality blog content.

*SEO methods – Optimize with Yoast SEO to get started. Linking to social accounts, linking videos to your blogs, adding SSL, well thought out titles, using listicles like BuzzFeed. Well Written Quality content.

*Google Analytics and Tools

*Email capture and building your list. Build a landing page, give away a product in exchange for users email.

*Get Social – Build your following

*Simple video editing software – use your phone!!

*Learn to use Facebook Advertising and Adwords, etc.

*Find a niche that interests you, write a blog, become the expert – High-Quality Content.

*Do lots of market research before choosing your product. Does it pay 50% or higher commission, does it have a good conversion rate, is the product in demand, do they have good support.

*This is not a get rich scheme, it takes a lot of work.

*Short goals…Make your first $1, then $100, do not focus on $1,000,000.

*Learn from others – research what others are doing and build on their work.

Example: I find the top video related to mine on YouTube and I use their keywords to rank. NO law against this.

*think outside the box, use eBay classified ads, craigslist ads, etc. Use Fiverr tools and marketing cheap.

*Continue to learn every day. Stay motivated and work on each task completely.




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