My adventures selling t-shirts on teespring

Posted on May 11 2015 - 4:13pm by Eric Tompkins


My adventures selling t-shirts on teespring

So I recently found the site I was turned onto the site from a friend who was getting into selling shirts through the platform. Let me first say that I was not trying to make a million dollar business from this venture. My intentions were to make seed money for a new devlopment project I had in mind. Unfortunately, I did not make any money, I am actually negative $200 at the moment.

I am a graphic artist and photoshop guy, so I assumed this would be pretty easy. Make a cool shirt, post it to social media, run a few facebook ads, wait for the cash to roll in. Um yeah, not that easy.

My first lesson learned is that the design doesnt really mean much. The majority of shirts selling well are simple designs with catchy phrases targeted to a very specific niche. I blindly came out of the box with a great design that I worked hard on and got crushed immediately…no sales. Okay, harder than I thought, lets take some courses and read some blogs.

I hit up, checked out a few courses on the subject, and boom…i’m ready.

Launched next design following the guidance of the course, step by step. Notta…….no sales. Okay, what am I doing wrong? Great design, targeted niche, etc, etc. Maybe I am not spending enough on my ads, to this point I was doing $50 a day on each ad. So I kicked up the spend to $500.00 a day, thinking this would push out many more ads in a small amount of time and if I didnt see a response, I could simply pause and move on. Not much success here either. Sooooo…more research.

After a little more research, I started one more campaign. I sold 6 shirts towards a goal of 10, woohoo…i’m selling. Didnt make goal but actually sold a few.

I have not launched another campaign as of yet, but here is what I learned that may help some of you not make the same mistakes I did.

  • Find your niche before designing your T-Shirt. By knowing who you are targeting, you can design a shirt specifically for that group of people. My semi-successful shirt was targeted to a local event in my city.
  • Keep your targeted niche small. Try to get your targeted group under 100,000. If your group is large, you will spend more money to get your ads in front of them. I geo targeted my shirt to my city +25 miles, this gave me a target group of around 20,000. My CPC’s were much lower, my CTR was 5.45% and I made some sales.
  • Set your daily spend higher (like $500 per day) and then monitor until your amount spent reaches $20 or $30 bucks. This tells facebook to push your ad to more people quickly since they are gauging it on a $500 spend. Watch the campaign closely. See if you are getting sales, comments, likes, etc. If you reach $20 or $30 bucks and you havent sold any, this is the time to bail. Now, if your shirt is getting a lot response but no sales, you may want to risk a few more bucks and see if it takes off.
  • Monitor ROI – If you get sales, then you are golden, just make sure your ad costs are not exceeding your profits. (basic marketing).
  • Be Patient – I believe to be successful at this it will take some time to find your niche and get results. If you are jumping in expecting to spend $100 bucks and make a thousand. I don’t think your going to be successful. Be careful of the empty promises that the courses and WSO’s are promising. They teach the steps, but don’t show you everything you need to know.

It took me about $200 to get this far and I have still not mastered the process or found my way to TeeSpring riches. You really need a good niche to be successful. Take your time and do some research before spending your money.

As I stated in beginning of this blog post, I am just getting started, so I will continue to update you on my progress. Feel free to comment below if you have some tips.

Good Luck!

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