DJI Phantom: St. Augustine Lighthouse

Posted on Sep 4 2014 - 10:05am by Eric Tompkins

Here are a few pics from around St. Augustine, Fl. This is my fourth flight and I took the drone to downtown St. Augustine to get some shots.

I am using 2 cameras on the DJI Phantom. Some photos are from FC40 stock camera and others are from GoPro Hero 3 White Edition.

I have not added a Gimbal or FPV system so I am limited to around 300 feet of altitude if connected with DJI app and cellphone.

Rig used for these photos:

DJI Phantom 1, FC40 Camera, GoPro Hero 3 White Edition. Post editing done in Lightroom.

Without a gimbal, I am finding it difficult to shoot usable HD video. I would recommend if you are getting one of these that you go for the upgraded model with GoPro and Gimbal system. The gimbal allows for the camera to be stabilized during flight if you were not aware of what I was referring to.

Hope you like the photos. Hopefully they will improve as I get better with flying and upgrade to Gimbal.

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