Chimpanze takes down a drone

Posted on Apr 13 2015 - 10:43am by Eric Tompkins

Chimpanze takes down a drone

Royal chimpanzees of Burgers’ Zoo have proven once again in the morning of Friday, April 10th, 2015 how intelligent they are.

For the second season of TV Burgers’ Zoo course today were scheduled recordings with a drone, which spectacular images of the animals and their stay can be made from above.

Once at the chimpanzee stay intelligent apes discovered the spying plane immediately and the animals immediately armed themselves with long sticks from the prying electronic intruder.
Chimpanzees perched high in a tree with a long branch.

Seemingly very peaceful and happy dozing in the morning sun, the ape, had the curious drone recordings.

From the corners of the chimpanzee, however, kept all her sharp eye.

Patiently waited until the ape the drone just came a little too close … Blazing chimpanzee hit increases with the long stick that they hid the body! With a direct hit the animal hit the drone down, where his peers the “prey” quickly overpowered.

Because the camera throughout the action time was running, this resulted despite completely destroyed drone and GoPro still very special images! | Http://

chimpanze takes down a drone





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