Biggest data breaches 2014 interactive map

Posted on Jan 12 2015 - 10:24am by Eric Tompkins

biggest data breaches 2014


Biggest data breaches 2014

In 2014, cybersecurity went mainstream.

It was a year when high-profile stories, such as Heartbleed, Target’s data breach, the nude celebrity photos hack, and Sony’s massive cyberattack, dominated headlines.

It was also the year of the data breach. In fact, three of the eight largest breaches since 2005 occurred in 2014, according to research conducted by Silk, a data-visualization firm.

Silk compiled last year’s 10 biggest data breaches, with the three worst being the eBay hack, which potentially exposed the passwords of 145 million users, the JPMorgan Chase cyberattack and Home Depot’s security breach.

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