Automate your digital life with IFTTT

Posted on Sep 25 2014 - 3:38pm by Eric Tompkins

IFTTT, which stands for If This Then That, is a web-based tool for connecting different digital channels together.

With IFTTT, you can combine different web and social media applications, automate tasks, web enable lights, appliances, and wearable technology, such as Google Glass and fitness trackers. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to find and customize existing recipes, and create and share new ones.

Today we’ll explore several fun and practical recipes that illustrate how to use IFTTT to automate and manage your digital life.

Go to and create an account.

After getting an account you will want to browse and search some of the pre-made recipes that are already available for common tasks.

For example, if you want to connect your facebook account to your twitter account so that each time you post on facebook, the post will tweet to your twitter account as well, simply search “facebook” at top of page and all facebook related recipes will appear.

automate your digital life with IFTTT

How to use a recipe

1. Click on desired recipe
2. Activate any necessary channels that the recipe uses (ie: connect your facebook account to IFTTT)
3. At bottom of recipe page click “use recipe”

automate your digital life with IFTTT

4. You will get a confirmation message with your Personal Recipe ID XXXXXX
5. Click on “done” button
6. In the recipe screen you can edit the recipe as needed. In this same view you can also toggle the recipe on or off as you desire.
7. If you want to discontinue using this recipe, simply login to your account, click on your recipes, and toggle the recipe to “off”.

automate your digital life with IFTTT

Create your own recipe

You may not find a suitable recipe for your desired automation. No problem, you can create your own.

1. Log in to your account
2. Click on “My Recipes”
3. Click on “Create a Recipe”

automate your digital life with IFTTT

4. Click on “this” and select a trigger. There are many to choose from and the list grows more and more as IFTTT expands.
5. Activate your selected channel and click next step

automate your digital life with IFTTT

6. Choose a trigger (ie: “Today’s most dugg story” from
7. Select create trigger (this is what happens when digg send story”
8. Click on “that”
9. Select your desired trigger, in my case I selected “send me an email”
10. Click “create action”, then select “create recipe”

All there is to it, now your recipe is created.

automate your digital life with IFTTT

Using IFTTT can make your life easier in many ways. Have fun creating recipes, I hope this tutorial was helpful.

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Eric Tompkins is an Experienced Web Developer and Digital Media Professional. As well as a Professional Photographer and Technical Instructor. You can follow on Twitter @_codemics.