Adding Mobile Site To WordPress With WpTouch Mobile Plugin

Posted on Nov 13 2014 - 2:38pm by Eric Tompkins

wptouch mobile plugin

Adding Mobile Site To WordPress With WpTouch Mobile Plugin

So are you using a mobile ready template with your WordPress installation? Even if you are using a responsive template, does it satisfy your site needs when users are viewing your site on a mobile device? I asked myself the same question and I felt that my mobile site was lacking a few things. I have a responsive theme, but I thought a web app or dedicated mobile site may serve me better.

Today I tried the WpTouch plugin. The plugin instantly adds a user-friendly mobile site to your WordPress and automatically adds device recognition and an iPhone / iPad web app option if you so desire. There is a huge list of features as well as performance improvements over responsive design.

This app saved me hours of development time coming up with my own option. Installed in a few minutes and was ready to go out-of-the-box. After uploading some images for logo and loading screens (iphone / ipad), it was ready to go.

You can check out how well it works simply by viewing this website with a mobile device. I am using the $49 premium version, but am considering upgrading for more extensions.



Only What’s Needed

WPtouch can send mobile-optimized pictures, scripts and CSS– instead of desktop ones. This speeds things up considerably.

CSS User Interface

WPtouch is the only mobile solution with a pure CSS user interface design– making themes load fast and look great.

Offer an app without the App Store

Only WPtouch allows your iOS visitors to save your website like an app.

wptouch plugin

21 Languages

WPtouch is available in 21 languages (both the themes and the admin panel).

SEO Advantage

With the same URL and a speedy mobile site your search rankings will go up.

Custom Content

Only WPtouch makes it easy to offer mobile visitors different content easily.

Theme Switching

Visitors that prefer your desktop theme can switch easily from WPtouch.


WPtouch has built-in support to add advertising effortlessly.

99% Compatible

WPtouch works with many popular WordPress themes and plugins.

Customize Easily

Take complete control over WPtouch themes and setup.

Get Real Help

A dedicated & experienced support team is always ready to help you.

Cool Themes

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