5 reasons to use clone site scripts for your startup

Posted on Oct 27 2014 - 12:35pm by Eric Tompkins

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5 reasons to use clone site scripts for your startup

1. Save on development costs – You can save thousands of dollars and development hours using a clone script. If there is already a solution similar to the functionality you require your site, why reinvent the wheel? Use the clone as a starter and customize to your liking saving time and money.

2. Save Time – Most clone site scripts can be up and running within a very short amount of time. Simply install the script on your hosting, configure settings, and your up and running.

3. Lack of programming knowledge – If your a designer without coding ability, a clone script can take care of the backend function while you concentrate on the design and look of the site.

4. Lack of funding – Developing a site from scratch is very costly, especially if you are farming out your development to freelancers or hiring a development team. It can cost thousands of dollars to bring your idea to life. Consider the time needed for design, implementation, testing, and beta. It could take a year just to get your idea to testing. With a clone script, you can simply install, modify, and go.

5. Test the waters – A clone script is a great way to test the market before you invest your time and energy. Use the clone as your beta and see what results you get. Once you are certain there is a place for your idea in the market, you can then jump in with both feet. Or, if it flops, you are not going bankrupt and becoming another bad statistic.


Here are some of the best places to find clone site scripts:

Clone Scripts – http://www.clonescripts.com/

Agriya – http://www.agriya.com/products

Famous Scripts – http://www.famousscripts.com/category/products/

Clone PHP – http://clonephp.com/

Website Scripts – http://www.websitescripts.org/

Clone Script Directory – http://www.clonescriptdirectory.com/

NCrypted – http://www.ncrypted.net/

Script Copy – http://www.scriptcopy.com/

Clone Idea – http://www.cloneidea.com/

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